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Measurements & Photos

Taking Measurements of your Space

Step 1:  Use a tape measure or electronic app (a few are listed below) to capture the length of your space


Step 2:  Measure the height of your space

Step 3:  Measure the the adjacent walls

Step 4:  Measure the remaining walls in the same fashion. 

It's ok to submit  hand-drawn floor plans like example shown below - in fact, it is preferred.  Just make sure the writing is legible and metric units are specified in Feet and Inches.  This part of the process is critical to ensure the furniture chosen for your space are within scale of your space and to ensure the furniture fits the expected position. 







Useful  Apps to measure your Space:

Tape Measure - Apple 

Measure  - Apple and Android

Easy Measure - Apple and Android

Taking Photos of your Space

Take a total of 6 clear photos from a cell phone, camera or other electronic device.   Photo formats must be in the jpeg, jpg, png or tiff format only.

**No need to clear your room of furniture or clutter, we want this process to be as easy and painless as possible** 

The photos above are great examples because:

- they are bright and clear

- include most of the architectural details of the ceilings, windows and walls

- most of all the walls were captured within one or two photo shots

Photo 1: Take a front facing clear photo with your furniture and all like the green check-marked photos above.

Photo 2 - 4:  Capture photos of remaining walls of your space

Photo 5:  Include architectural  details your room might have. For example, if you have cathedral ceilings or unique interior details.

Photo 6:  If there are any other details worth noting, please shoot!

These photos are bad examples because:

- some are blurry.

- most of the architectural details of the ceilings, windows and walls are cropped.

- most of all the walls are not captured in one of the photos.

Once you've collected measurements and photos, submit to  contact@swagandwell.com


In the email subject line,  enter your "address street, city, state  - First and Last Name". 


For example, John Smith who lives on Cherry Lane, Whoville, CA. would be entered as: "Cherry Lane, Whoville, CA - John Smith"






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