How To...

Take Measurements of your Space




Step 1  Use a tape measure or electronic app (a few are listed below) to capture the length of your space


Step 2  Measure the height of your space

Step 3  Measure the the adjacent walls if possible.

Step 4  Measure the remaining walls in the same fashion. 

It is ok to send us a hand-drawn floor plans like example shown below - in fact, it is preferred.  Just make sure the writing is legible and metric units are specified in Feet and Inches
















Useful Measurement Apps & Resources 

Measure - Apple and Android

Ruler - Apple and Android

Easy Measure - Apple and Android


Take Photos of your Space

Take a total of 6 clear photos from a cell phone, camera or other electronic device.

Photo formats must be in the jpeg, jpg, png or tiff format only.

The photos above are great examples because:

-they are bright and clear.

-include most of the architectural details of the ceilings, windows and walls.

-most of all the walls were captured within one or two photo shots

These photos are bad examples because:

-some are blurry.

-most of the architectural details of the ceilings, windows and walls are cropped.

-most of all the walls are not captured in one of the photos.

Photo 1  Take a front facing clear photo with your furniture and all like the green check-marked photos above.

Photo 2 -4  Shoot photos of remaining walls of your space

Photo 5  Capture any architectural  details your room might have. For example, if you have cathedral ceilings or unique interior details.

Photo 6  If there are any other details worth taking, please shoot!

**No need to clear your room of furniture or clutter, we want this process to be as easy and painless as possible** 

Once you've collected measurements and photos, submit to


In the email subject line,  please enter your "address street, city, state  - First and Last Name".  For example, John


Smith who lives on Cherry Lane, Whoville, CA. would be entered as:   "Cherry Lane, Whoville, CA - John Smith"



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