Discovering Your Style with Interior Design

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Successful interior design reflects your style identity and encompasses utility. Believe it or not- both concepts can and should coexist. In determining your style identity, think of colors, elements or life experiences evoking inspiration, this is the core of interior design. Ever take a memorable vacation or purchased an awesome art piece? Find inspiration in items, experiences or people special to you. Here is an example of a 3D room (below) we've designed with some inspiration from the beautiful beaches of Indonesia, Bali.

Our inspiration for the interior design project above rests on this incredible photo from Alexa West and her solo trip to Indonesia, Bali at Nusa Penida Beach. The vibrant color tones of blue, brown and beige define the color scheme for the living room interior. A jute sisal rug captures the earthy hues of sand and rocky hillsides. Blue and teal were incorporated into the accent chairs and decor while a touch of glam radiates from the pale gold coffee table. This living room feels airy, updated while comfortable and inviting. What item or experience will inspire you in your next interior design project?

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